Saranap Village

Saranap Village is an exciting community plan for a mixed-use, multi-building project located in west Walnut Creek, Ca at the intersection of Boulevard Way and Saranap Avenue. The proposed project aims to create a pedestrian friendly community with a unique identity and easy access to local amenities. Retail highlights include a high-quality grocer, family friendly sit-down restaurant, wine bar, and local coffee shop. The residential component of the project will include rental apartments as well as for-sale condominiums and townhomes. Proposed extensive public infrastructure improvements, including the installation of a landscaped roundabout featuring a public art structure, will emphasize a village environment.

Neighborhood Benefits

Fine living, coffee shop, sit down restaurant, boutiques and a high-quality neighborhood market.

Pedestrian Friendly

A landscaped roundabout, public art, ample public parking, and traffic calming measures.

Public Benefits

New jobs, and revenue for public safety, parks and schools.

Evolution of the Design

Our first design concepts were discussed publicly in late 2013. Our development team listened to the community and County planning staff, and carefully analyzed each aspect of our designs. We focused on the requests of our neighbors and created a smaller Saranap Village that enhances the neighborhood while bringing in locally owned businesses to preserve the personality of Saranap.

  • 2014

    Saranap Village 1.0

    In 2014, Hall Equities Group released the first official Saranap Village project design application featuring four architecturally distinct buildings on three sites in the Saranap community.

Hall Equities Group Saranap Village
Site A
Hall Equities Group Saranap Village
Site B/B1
Hall Equities Group Saranap Village
Site C

  • 2015

    Saranap Village 2.0

    To address many concerns voiced by the community, Hall Equities Group released a revised project plan in 2015, which reflected a smaller scale, boutique lifestyle experience while continuing to focus on the objective to revitalize the area. The plan was reduced in overall mass by 22% with residences decreased by 24%, retail space scaled back by 49%, and parking structure mass reduced by 15%.

Hall Equities Group Saranap Village
Site A
Hall Equities Group Saranap Village
Site B/B1
Hall Equities Group Saranap Village
Site C

  • 2017

    Saranap Village 3.0

    Based on further feedback received on the revised design Hall Equities Group reduced the size and mass of the structure on Site A for a third time, and doing so without compromising the quality, architecture, and community benefits. The structure on Site A was reduced substantially, as viewed from both Boulevard Way and Saranap Avenue. Given its position on a slope, the height of Building A is comparable to the existing 3-story multifamily buildings across the street on Saranap Avenue.

Hall Equities Group Saranap Village
Site A
Hall Equities Group Saranap Village
Site B/B1
Hall Equities Group Saranap Village
Site C

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the developer seek a change to the general plan?

On all the parcels of land purchased for the Saranap Village project, the general plan and zoning are inconsistent. The general plan only allows for standalone retailers such as fast-food restaurants, gas stations and stand-alone multi-family. For the Saranap Village project to work it will need to be rezoned as a Planned Development to allow for mixed-use development consistent with smart growth and siting people near the places they visit daily. In addition, the general plan calls out Boulevard Way as an “arterial” road and County staff has determined that it should be changed to a “collector” street status to reflect its current operation as a neighborhood road and not as a major thoroughfare bisecting the community.

What happens if the project doesn’t get approved?

If the general plan is not changed and the Saranap Village project doesn’t get approved, the scattered single use buildings allowed under the current General Plan will be developed and Boulevard Way will remain as it is currently. A change to the general plan will help create beautiful streetscapes in this area of Saranap and promote investment and enrichment of the Saranap community.

Why doesn’t this project “pencil” with less density like similar projects in Lafayette or Walnut Creek?

In order to redevelop the roadways and the intersection of Boulevard Way and Saranap Avenue we must balance public improvement costs with project value. To meet these goals and create a pedestrian-friendly community with a unique identity, the project requires a large enough site on both sides of the street to create synergies within the community. Desirable commercial space for retailers, homeowners and tenants is a critical part of balancing the high cost of a new streetscape, transforming public infrastructure, and neighborhood revitalization. However, retail space in Lafayette and Walnut Creek will rent for substantially more than Saranap Village. Retail space in Saranap is critical to making the project successful and desirable, but it’s cost will need to be subsidized by the project, unlike Lafayette and Walnut Creek. This subsidy can only be supported by constructing sufficient residential density.

What is the total amount of new condos/apts?

The new proposed alternative design includes up to 198 units.

How will pedestrian and bicycle safety be impacted?

The new proposed alternative design will include crosswalks, sharrow bike lanes, and traffic slowing elements. This new design will create a substantially safer environment for everyone on the road by accommodating cyclists, reducing the street from four lanes to two, which will help prevent speeding while keeping traffic flowing with the addition of the roundabout. The addition of larger sidewalks will create a pedestrian-friendly environment and added bicycle parking spaces will encourage the use of alternate modes of transportation.

Will the public scenic vistas of Mt. Diablo be impacted?

The views of Mt. Diablo from the surrounding existing streets comprise the scenic public vistas. Because the location of the Saranap Village site is at the lowest point in the surrounding area, and because the position of the proposed buildings is outside of, or in opposite directions from existing street scenic view corridors of Mt. Diablo, there are no substantial impacts to scenic public vistas.

Will this project create more traffic?

There will be more traffic. However, the traffic impact analysis report determined the functioning of roads and intersections will be very similar with the addition of Saranap Village. The introduction of a roundabout at the intersection of Saranap Avenue and Boulevard Way will actually improve traffic flow.

How do we support the project at these preliminary hearings?

The purpose of writing letters and/or appearing and speaking in support of the Saranap Village project during the Contra Costa County hearings is to convey to the Planning Commission and Contra Costa Board of Supervisors that you support the project, and the adequacy of the EIR. You may contact Mike Clancy, Director of Community Affairs at if you have any questions on how you can support the project.

What is the actual height of the buildings?

All of the buildings vary in height, which adds to the quality of the architecture. From the Original 2014 plan, Building A has been reduced by two and three stories from the core and the street, respectively.
Building B has been reduced by one story and Building C has remained the same. Please refer to the height exhibit on this website for information regarding height.

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About The Developer

Hall Equities Group

Hall Equities Group is a private full-service real estate investment, development, and property management company. Hall Equities Group is owned by Mark Hall, a 32-year veteran of the local real estate industry and a graduate of Acalanes High School, which is located very near the Saranap Village site. With a multi-faceted real estate portfolio, Hall Equities Group represents a select base of local private investors and partners, their families, key employees, and company-sponsored group investment entities. Investors in Saranap Village are all long-time local families.

Hall Equities Group has substantial local experience in quality redevelopment projects that transform functionally obsolete properties into productive assets that contribute to the long-term vitality of the community while reducing waste and eliminating blight. The company is the largest local commercial property owner operating in the Walnut Creek area, measured both by number of properties as well as total square footage owned and operated. Hall Equities Group remains committed to the local community and is deeply invested in the long-term success of the region.

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